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Planet Made of Plastic

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it's time to rethink our consumption habits. Instead of buying everything we need, we can borrow it. Borrowing not only saves money but also reduces waste and helps to preserve our planet. Let's embrace the concept of "buy less, borrow more" and make a positive impact on the environment.

Lend and Borrow with Friends


Less Stuff And More Experiences

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Less Waste For Our Planet


Buy Less, Save More


More Community Connection

The Mooch app lets you lend, borrow, and track  your stuff with a private group of friends to save money, reduce waste, and have more community.

Find stuff to borrow for all occasions.

Introducing your new private group of friends! With this group, you can easily lend, borrow, and track your stuff with your closest pals. No more losing track of who has what or awkwardly asking for your things back. Join now and simplify your life!

Get Started with Mooch

Ready to take the next step? Download Mooch and connect with your friends to start sharing stuff today! 

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